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Spiritual Guidance & Alternative Therapy with Angela
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(1 hour – $20.00)


Connecting with a higher energy source to channel personal information that is unique to you. This information can help to address certain challenges, questions and emotions you are experiencing to enhance your life and connect you more to your inner self. You will also receive healing that can help put your biology back into balance, align your emotions, and disengage your brain, allowing you to feel light, refreshed and recharged, with clearer thinking to move forward. Among colour, crystals and nature – come get your bliss back, ASAP.

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At the age of seven I knew I was meant to help others, it was a deep inner knowing, something that was so strong I knew it would become my path. 

Many years of interesting and challenging experiences have led me to create Amethyst Sanctuary, a spiritual place in the pristine little town of Pirongia, Waikato. Amethyst Sanctuary has evolved over time and is now a place to offer you guidance, support, comfort and a new view on your own purpose in life. 

I am here to connect you with your own inner knowing so you can find your own answers within and can learn to trust the messages that you receive. I like to keep things basic, simple and honest so you can understand and share this knowledge to others as well if needed. We are all on this journey together so remember that you are not alone – I am here to help. 

I am a NZ Cyclist who races six months of the year in Belgium – competing in championships and winning medals. When i first met Angela, I was far from being able to ride – I had spent thousands of dollars on doctors and supplements to fix my chronic fatigue. Within one month, I was back riding and winning. Angela fixed me through colour therapy which she still uses on me today – it is wonderful. I can’t thank her enough for changing my life – I really don’t think I would have got better without her. 

Hayden. M

Thanks so much Ange. You really blew my mind and changed the way I think about a lot of things.  I have referred a girlfriend to you. X

Jess. R

Angela you are an amazing,caring person. I always come away feeling so energised, positive, balanced and clear headed. Thank you for everything Angela.

Gaylene. R

Thank you so much Angela – I felt so good afterwards. Lots of energy and felt really positive and optimistic about the future. I am looking forward to rebooking with you soon!

Carla. I

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